Easiest Way to Get Cyanogen or 1.6 on ADP1


I have an ADP1 that I use on AT&T, and after a number of failed attempts to install Cyanogen (lots of confusing errors and few guides for ADP1), I'm looking for any clear, simple way to install either Cyanogen (preferred) or any post-1.1 release.

Could anyone walk me through this or point me to some noob-friendly directions?


P.S Before I get flamed for buying an ADP1 without having the recommended experience, it was the best option after I struggled with the unlock/activation restrictions of a T-Mobile G1. After sending my first G1 in for repairs, it was re-locked and no unlock codes worked, forcing me to sell it and buy an unlocked phone. I figure that even if I'm stuck with 1.1, it's better than a locked G1.