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Easy Root Guide, Recoveries, Roms, and Kernel LG Optimus Q(LGL55C)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stedman420, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest
    Thread Starter

    I've put together an Easy Root Guide[No PC or Terminal Needed], 2 Recoveries, a few Roms, and A Kernel for the Straight Talk LG Optimus Q(LGL55C) if anyone is interested.

    For more info and download links check out my original threads over on UPP

    Easy Root and Recovery [No computer or terminal needed] LG Optimus Q(LGL55C)

    CWM Recovery v6.0.3.3 LG Optimus Q(LGL55C)

    TWRP v2.6 LG Optimus Q(LGL55C)

    [Stock Rom] LG Optimus Q (LGL55C)

    [Stoked Rom] LG Optimus Q (LGL55C)

    [S420Rom] LG Optimus Q (LGL55C)

    [420gelato Kernel] LG Optimus Q (LGL55C)


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  2. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest
    Thread Starter

    CWM Recovery for the LG Optimus Q(LGL55C) is now official and can be flashed using Rom Manger from the Play Store!!!
  3. NeoRiggs

    NeoRiggs Lurker

    Hello I have been attempting to learn mor about roms for the past several months with not much success. You have by far the easiest instructions to follow by far but I am still having an issue with actually loading the rom via recovery mode each time it give me an error saying it can not load for file no image. Or something like that. I have tryed many different mods and each are giving the samething. I have to be missing a step somewhere. Any help you can provide with be grate thanks in advance.
  4. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Are you choosing the install from zip option cause the error you're getting sounds like you chose apply update from sdcard which does make a big diff ;)
  5. KoolBurnX8

    KoolBurnX8 Lurker

    I just swapped over to this ROM from AreaROMQ 2.1 -- so far so good. It feels lightweight and pretty smooth. ARQ was getting too slow and crashy on me. Thanks for working on this older phone for us. Hopefully you'll find ways to make it even better in the future.

    I did find one thing kinda screwy with the ROM. When I try to overclock it 902mhz with No frills, it freezes and eventually crashes/restarts. It also doesnt apply the settings like its supposed to on boot. The minimum clock is 480mhz, Governor is "Lag Free" and i/o scheduler is "sio". Any ideas why it keeps doing this?
  6. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Is this only happening when you set it to 902mhz or are the other overclock frequencies causing the same problem?

    What exact clockspeeds, governor, and I/O scheduler are you using when both problems occurr?

    As for why it reverts to 480mhz to 800mhz with Lagfree and sio is because that's what I set the kernels defaults at (mainly to avoid bootloop issues) So whenever the phone can't set a setting on boot it will revert to those settings. And honestly I wouldn't recommend having anything set any settings on boot this usually will only cause probs especially with this phone Lol

    And thank you I'm glad you like it. I definitely try hard to make things run smooth and have as little branding as I can Lol I figure why give people bloat when they can download their own Lol

    Edit: Also if you want or need a download link for the stock kernel is posted in my kernel post. And the rom will run smooth with either ;)
  7. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest
    Thread Starter

    ***ROMS UPDATE***
    Added Stock and Stoked roms

    *VERSION 2.0*
    Renamed rom to S420Rom(this was after great deliberation and with good reason. And as all my Stripped Mods are updated they will be recieving the new simpler rom name)
    Kernel updated to 420gelato-no-oc-v0.2(which doesn't come with overclock this is so you can choose your own level of overclocking from my kernel post)
    Extended power menu now a 4-way power menu (reboot,hot boot, reboot to recovery, and shutdown)
    Added init.local.rc support
    New power off sound
    system/apps and libs updated
    Added ICS styled progress bars and sliders(gb green color to keep a stock feel)
    Settings shortcut in notification dropdown is now gb green(to keep a stock feel)
    Added scrollable notif toggles to notification dropdown
    Added ICS styled clear button to notification dropdown(gb green color to keep a stock feel)
    Power Sounds moved to /system/media/audio/powrsounds folder
    Entire Extras Menu(or xmenu) has been overhauled and updated to v1.9
    Plus loads of other general cleanup and bugfixes

    Ok I've added several different versions of this kernel to the download links. The only diff between them is how high you can overclock. Plus I've added one that has no overclock. This was done because results can really vary on this device so choices are always nice

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