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Easy, simple way to have content installed on SD card by default (ROOT! WORKS! UPDATE!)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by koolsk8ter111, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. koolsk8ter111

    koolsk8ter111 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This method is pretty easy and requires root to access the app the gentleman in the video is talking about: Video. Thanks to the author of the video!

    Basically it swaps the internal storage with the external storage, so when you are in settings, you'll see your internal storage have as much space as your SD/external storages had.

    If you're not rooted, you can install VROOT which is a Chinese rooting app and is suppose to work with every or most devices: VROOT. You can then replace the Chinese "superuser" app with one you can install from the playstore like SuperSU, so you get rid of the Chinese garbage. Usually installing a new superuser or root granting app doesn't work correctly the first time, because the new app has to get rid of the original superuser/Chinese app simultaneously as the Chinese app is granting it permission to. While installing a superuser app from the playstore to get rid of the Chinese app and the installation fails the first time, you'll probably lose all root/superuser apps at once, just re-root it with "VROOT" and try again! I am guessing this happens because the Chinese app has to grant the new superuser app permission and it gets confused as it's being removed as well. Basically SuperSU fails to install simultaneously as your main root app got removed. Keep in mind, doing this the second time usually works for me. Just make sure no other process is taking place while you are doing this, so everything attempts to work correctly. I recommend installing SuperSU as it's the only one I really tested/tried. Remember, most likely you'll have to attempt installing it twice, if it doesn't work the first time.

    1. Download, install, and use VROOT PC software (phone reboots after pressing green root button in software and does its little process, so wait a little bit for it to finish! Should have Chinese superuser app installed on your device after reboot). Wait till the phone gets detected or recognized by the software.

    2. Download and install new superuser (SuperSU) app on playstore to get rid of the Chinese app (Chinese app gives new SuperSU app permission to take over after launching SuperSU, and attempts to replace it) Also, make sure you install SuperSU with "normal" mode (in app), you should see what I mean when launching it after the playstore installation.

    3. Re-root with VROOT and repeat steps if SuperSU fails to install (in app installation) the first time and you lose all superuser apps. (When SuperSU attempts to install the contents in the app and succeeds after doing it the second time, it should say "installation successful!"

    Also, make sure your phone is detected by the VROOT software on your PC and press the green button to root. It should show an older iPod looking usb connector searching for a device with a loading/spinning thing, and it'll show a device when it detects one! Press the green button.

    Make sure you follow the instructions in the video I linked at the top of this thread after being rooted.

    "UPDATE!" ...........As far as rooting, you could also try Kingo instead of going through the app replacing trouble or international language issues. Thanks to AF Contributor "Rukbat" for pointing this out!

    Little disclaimer......Not responsible for anything that goes wrong. I use this on my L9 so it should for you fine. My phone is an MS769 (P769).

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    You can also use Kingo to root and not bother with replacing an app. (Sometimes the site is very slow - it gets a lot of hits - so just wait for it.)
  3. koolsk8ter111

    koolsk8ter111 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    VROOT site gets slow, and I had it not work at all one time. Also, never heard of Kingo. I'll take a look. Thank you for telling me about it!

    EDIT! looks good to use! I'll include it in my thread as an update.
  4. wncken

    wncken Member

    Wow, thanks! I used the Kingo method and it worked! Thanks again! :)
  5. KushxCloudsz

    KushxCloudsz Well-Known Member

    This is awsome thumbs up :thumbup: you gotta love the internet :D
  6. Ltzeonyx

    Ltzeonyx Newbie

    so kingo works fine and all but i cant get that method used in the video to work for my apps when i touch over the things i need to change the txt box doesnt pop up
  7. koolsk8ter111

    koolsk8ter111 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Since I am pretty lazy, I suggest someone to write the instructions down in the video in case the video gets removed. Or maybe I'll do it sometime, I'm just not in a motivational mood to do something like that right now. I'm thinking about it though.

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