Nov 23, 2009
Well.. i rooted my phone last night and what do you know.. My phone bricked (boot loop) this afternoon randomly.. With the ODIN firmware flash you can easily restore the moment back to factory settings and unbrick the phone (thankfully.. didnt want to get my 3rd moment)
I now do not know if it was the root that caused the boot loop or a program i installed last night called Startup Auditor... I have been reading reports this could cause a boot loop
Rooting, to me, seems way too complicated. I'm not a programmer, and I don't understand the commandline stuff. I would love to have 2.0 right here and right now, but I'll settle for having 1.5 until an official update is rolled out. The shortcomings are tolerable and some are substituted for by Sprint (Sprint Nav in place of Google Maps Nav and Nuance Voice command, for example).
i need help... i went to root my Samsung transform and i opened up sw upgrade and i started it, but it got stuck on 98% complete, so i looked it up and this person had the same problem, and they said they unplugged it and retried it and it worked so i attempted the same thing and my phone is completely black, wont do a thing.