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Hi guys and Gals. I just wanted to pass along some info on an app that allows very easy access to your bootloader or CWM from a powered on phone. This app pretty much does away with having to power down your device, pull the battery, then hold vol down + pwr to enter the bootloader and then recovery.

The name of the app is Quick Boot and is available on Google Play. There are both FREE and paid versions of this app. I'm using the FREE version right now but will probably be upgrading to the paid version. It's a very nice app and I suggest you give it a try.


This app needs root access so remember to ALLOW when prompted by SuperUser.

Hope this helps a few of you. I've been using this app for about a year now and love it. :D


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OK, the paid version offers a few extras. The best of which is the hotboot option. It also offers a power off option and several extra settings.

Unless you want or need the 2 extra settings, stick with the free version.


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Just make sure you know how to actually get to these things manually.

Apps are worthless if the phone can't boot! :D


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Is there a way for you to de-sense this phone too? Maybe give it a vanilla flavored, jelly bean look? Because that would be awesome :)


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I didn't have any luck booting into recovery.

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What, with this app? Make sure Superuser is allowed. Selecting recovery will take you into CWM and bootloader to bootloader. I've tried them both and it works flawlessly. If it's not working and you've allowed SU them you've got something seriously wrong somewhere. This should work on any phone that's rooted.

I've used it on all 4 of my devices with no problems.:D