Root Easy WIFI Fix for new roms

This is pretty easy but boy was I stupid until I found it buried in a very long post (13 pages).

If the WIFI just keeps cycling, check to see if your router is set to only accept it if the mac address is in it's allowed list. My router was set up like that, I turned it off so that it could find the new mac address and saved that in the list and look, it works.

Hours of wondering why, and I forgot many moons ago that we set up the router that way because of people driving in the neighborhoods trying to break into the computers through the routers.


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Thanks for the post!


I help alot of people flash their phones, (often while on the phone with them or over Skype, I've even had people drive five hours from Orlando to Miami so I could flash their phones) so I can attest the fact that some downloads of cm7 can cycle wifi even on routers without security.

This seems to happen more often when flashing via rommanager or if the download was done over spotty 3g. I have attributed this to corrupt downloads most often.

My solution, download directly from the wiki at and flash via cwm. Fix permissions after first boot just in case.

Works everytime.