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EasyAcc Monster 26000mAh Power Bank Review

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by batboy, Feb 7, 2016.

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    Power bank as gadgets are very popular these days because they can be very useful for smartphones or similar devices. So today I will try to introduce to you EasyAcc Monster which actually have huge capacity 26000mAh.

    Talking about the build quality and design it is more or less the same as any other power bank. The case is made of plastic and very interesting information is definitely weight (454g). So I think the capacity could be real.


    EasyAcc Monster has four Smart USB ports and because of that you can charge four different devices at the same time with maximum output 5V 4.8A depending on the device. So you can charge the smartphone in same way like you do that with your DC charger.

    For charging itself it has two micro USB ports. I think this is a good idea because you can charge the power bank much faster than usual and you don't need to wait too much. You can charge it with maximum input DC 5V 4A. So it is completely up to because you can charge it with one charger or 2.

    Lately I saw several other Power banks and they all have built in LED flashlight. Obviously this is must have equipment and because of that EasyAcc Monster has also LED flashlight which actually is very strong and can be useful in some situations.


    So all of you are wondering is the capacity 26000mAh real or fake, because many of you saw batteries with fake capacity and this is nothing new today. So in my test with calculations these power bank has approximately 20000mAh capacity and for me this is a good score because there are no large deviations.

    Anyway if you need more information about EasyAcc Monster power bank you could visit thier official website.

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