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EasyMoney 1.0: Easy to use easy decision to buy

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by bariscigal, Jun 8, 2010.

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    First i must admit this was the first app i bought for my GSM Hero. I was pretty cautious because the price was a little high at first but boy i needed those other features to keep track of my accounts and finances. So i bit the bullet and bought the program. Ever since this program became the first program to install after modding other roms i have been trying to my Hero.
    Taking and retrieving my backups are pretty easy. The usage is pretty straight forward : you add your accounts (like different bank accounts) and enter how much finance you have in them. After that you can transfer money between these accounts easily, add deposits when you get your paycheck, or note your expences really fast. Right now i have an account for the money in my pocket which i transfer from other accounts and i easily add any expence from my pocket by using the great widget included with the program.
    I have noticed only one setback is : the visual reports. It has great settings to get to those reports but they only take the vast number of preset categories of the expences into account.
    If you want a decent report you need to enter your custom categories and really customize them based on your habits which i don`t want to mess with. So no reports for me.
    But this is a great finance software to have free or to buy. I hope developers some day will produce a PC version of the software and let me sync and control my expences easily. Until then i can export to excel directly from the program and keep my records on PC.

    Ah as a side note the customer support is the fastest and friendliest i ahve experinced in long time.


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