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Easymote - Canceled

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by Matlock, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Matlock

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    Easymote Prototype v.2.0 - Developed by Rich Degenhardt
    Ingenu Founding Members: Dave Upton & Tim Webster

    Finished Bluetooth SNES Controller v2.0 for Android (still no root) - YouTube


    Unfortunately guys and gals, the worst unforeseen thing crushed our dreams of an Easymote Controller for our Gaming Fix..

    The Manufacturer of the Easymore Controller INGENU was working with for months, changed their quote on how much it will cost per controller.. the end result would be each Easymote costing us $78.00 to purchase.. INGENU would not allow this to happen and stopped all production.

    The guys over at INGENU are very pissed about what happened, and deeply sorry for getting everyone's hopes up for the Easymote. All refunds were issued out for any of you who Pre-Ordered an Easymote.

    Do not fret though! The guys of INGENU arn't disbanding any time soon, and plan on releasing products along the lines of Applications for Android. And soon... maybe, just maybe, We'll see the Easymote become reality again.

    Previous Posts



    Orders will open back up later. This is for the first production run and testing.
    This way if there is a flubber somewhere, it can be addressed quickly,
    And replacement units can be shipped out.
    But Matlock.. What is the Easymote?? Tell us more!


    The Easymote is a Bluetooth ready SNES Styled handheld device to get your gaming on!
    It's the ONLY device on the Market that requires NO Root access to your Android device to use. It even works on the HTC Sense version of Android; this is great news for those of us who use only HTC Devices. Like myself. Since Sense seems to never want to play nice with good things.

    Who is this, Ingenu?

    Ingenu is an up and coming company started by three guys, with a dream. "To provide simple and easy to use applications, accessories, and products for the Android mobile market." Dave, Tim and Rich are great people who want only the best from their company, and for their customers. I talk to Dave on a regular basis about Ingenu and the Easymote Controller; he is a real visionary and keeps it real. Literally.

    The Easymote looks like bad-ass controller! It's a little steep in price though.

    A great quality product isn't cheap to manufacture. Not to mention it takes time, and a lot of prototypes to make it great. I can go on about it, but i'd rather you read from Ingenu yourself. Scroll to post #6, or click here for it and read what Ingenu has to say.

    How can I help support Ingenu and their future products?

    Simple. Order your very own Easymote controller, use it for a few days, and tell your friends, family, co-workers, Forum Buddies, even your dog, Fido, how great the Controller is!

    The more people who know about the Easymote, the more that will want to buy one of their own, and the more that will tell their friends about it and so on. Then in turn, Ingenu will have the funding to create even more awesome products for Android.

    But but.. How is that possible to not require Root? When all the other Controllers have to have it?

    Three letters.. Application.. Okay, five letters.

    The fact Ingenu uses an App instead of just the stand-alone Bluetooth makes it work with virtually any Android OS version. Testing has begun on many different devices so we'll more soon enough. Ingenu is in cahoots with Developers of Emulators so their Device works seamlessly. Ingenu is also working with Independent Game Developers like OrangePixel who developed that great 8-bit moster; Meganoid, to use the Easymote for game-play.

    How much will this cost?

    $49.00 + Taxes
    Order yours directly from Ingenu, here!!

    Have you ordered one? Let us know how excited you are!
    When you finally get to use it, tell us how it went!


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    • An Android Capable Device [Duh! ;)]
    • Android OS 2.2+


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    • HTC EVO 3D
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    • Droid X
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    • Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S II)

    More to come!




    Get the word out to your favorite game Developers! Let them know that there is an awesome game pad called the Easymote; that can change how they think about mobile gaming! And open up a huge new arena for "hand held gaming"!


    As soon as I get my hands on one of them, I will get a few videos up for you all.
    I can tell you how great the Easymote is until im red in the face; but once you see video of it in action in various situations, then I'm sure you'll be swayed to get your own, Easymote.

  3. iamaven

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    Just placed an order for one. While the price is higher ($49 + ~$10 shipping) than most controllers there has to be an understanding that this is being independently developed and low volume manufacturing costs are much higher than large volume manufacturing costs.

    I just started using an android phone and within a couple days noticed that gaming using NESOID was pretty annoying with the on screen controls. Workable, but still not the same. I am very much looking forward to being able to hook up my TV with the phone and playing some old school games on the big screen.

    The fact that the developer, Rich Degenhardt, and I attended the same college helped even though I have never met the man. The company's commercial and website are also fun to read through and I hope they don't loose that spirit, so I am all for paying a little more to see developers like this out there.
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  4. Matlock

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    Excellent. Let us know how it goes when you get it! Just like they state, if there are any problems, Ingenu will do whatever it takes to make it right!

    I know! I can't wait to throw this sucker up on my huge plasma with some old school goodness! What is the first game you plan to throw up on your screen? I plan on playing a game like Mortal Kombat or Phalanx. Something that is nearly impossible to play on a touch screen.

    I agree. They are very down to earth people. I can see they going far.
    Wow, that's awesome that you attended the game school.. What was your field of study?
  5. iamaven

    iamaven Lurker

    Management of Information Systems. Not exactly gaming oriented.

    I'll probably be finished with the original Legend of Zelda by the time I get this, but I'm sure original Mario can't do me wrong.
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  6. Ingenu

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    Thanks for the thread Matlock! We appreciate the excitement and the backing of our product!

    So far the presale has gone great! We are seeing a lot of interest in the product and that really makes us think we have something that users want to have here. We hope to be able to make about 50 to 100 of these in the first batch of controllers and get them in everybody's hands by Nov 15th.

    The price of our controller is admittedly higher than our competitors and there are reasons for that.

    The first is that if you don't like our controller we will make it right, whether that means replacing yours with another one or us buying it back from you, that is what we will do. Need to contact us about something? All of our email and phone numbers are on the website. Yeah, that means you can interrupt me while I am in the middle of making my girlfriend dinner and frankly I am cool with that. You got a problem then we got a problem and we care about it, simple.

    The second is that we are making these controllers from the ground up! The only piece of this that is premade is the controller shell / board and that is because we are not a couple of rich guys or custom plastic manufacturers. However even those pieces are modified by us and our manufacturer to make them unique. We aren't simply selling someone else's controller under our name here, we are making ours here in the US. We like to think that distinction matters enough to spend a little more.

    The third is that honestly we think our product is something unique and fun and worth the price. You aren't just getting a controller for your money here, you are being invited to be part of a niche community of mobile gamers fed up with lackluster touch screen control games. Every controller we sell helps us to sway Android gaming to adopt more controller based format for it's games and take it out of the age of "Slide The Box" and "Various Plant / Animal / Insect smasher". Developers listen to the voice of their customers and the more customers saying "make the Easymote work with your game" the more they will listen and we will get awesome games like Meganoid to the enjoyment level where they belong.

    Now just like all of you I can't wait for this thing to be done. I have my usb to component cable in and my old Incredible hooked up with a bunch of emulators and games and am just waiting to get one of the finished products in my hand! SOON folks!
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  7. Matlock

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    haha! I just realized what I wrote on my previous Post. I meant to say that it was awesome that you two attended the 'same' school. lol, didn't mean to put game. rofl

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