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Ok So I was fortunate enough to purchase EasyRoot from the market before Google removed it for breaking their rules, However I am new to root and am curious if anyone else downloaded it and was successful rooting their Droid X? If so was it really just 1 click away? Thanks In advance.


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Yeah I am not sure.
I checked out one of the stories about it and it seemed pretty legit. Well if things go wrong you can just flash the sbf file. But I would suggest doing it the hard way just for the sake of learning:p


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Ok SO I used Easy Root and it looks like I am rooted? I downloaded wireless tether, how do i know im rooted for sure and that i wont see a huge bill from verizon for usinf wireless tether?


So when you run wireless tether and start the hotspot, it will ask for superuser permissions.

Grant it and connect to your phone.

If your laptop (or whatever wifi device) can connect, you know the hotspot is working, and also that you have root.

You can also check by downloading android terminal emulator, running it, and typing:

su (enter)

it should prompt you for permission, allow it.

then you should have a prompt:


which means you have superuser permissions (are rooted)

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any chance somebody could upload the apk since google took it down? would be greatly appreciated

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oh sorry, used to iphone forums based in russia that don't give a crap. any chance someone could pm me the apk?


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Easy Root does have 1 click unroot option. I hope the developer finds a way to re release it since it worked great I hope others get the opportunity to use it


Back on the market, at least available from the developer's web site. Here is the link.
The developer of EasyRoot is a thief. Open his apk from his site ( and look at these files


He did not write those, he grabbed them off the internet, and wrote a java wrapper, and sold them. Those files are the core of his app.


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Open source....and he implemented an app that made root one click and not the more complicated process that most people would be afraid to do. He is within his rights to do whatever he wants with an open source platform.

You are bitter, and you are hiding behind a troll name and hopefully they block your IP for this incessant trolling.