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Ebay battery warning

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by graphitedv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. graphitedv

    graphitedv Member
    Thread Starter

    Just a heads up, I purchased one of those 1500mah from eBay and it worked fine for awhile... then all of the sudden my battery life went down to two hours or so and my proximity sensor stopped working and my locations were also totally hosed. I brought it into VZW and they were clueless and just performed a wipe to cure the problems... NOT. Because the battery life was so bad, I brought my old 1300 along one day to keep me going. After I put the 1300 in, all the issues disappeared. It is weird, because the 1500 is from HTC and it never really gave any extra life, but sure made a mess of my Eris. Three days now of running the stock battery and no issues.

  2. alprazolam

    alprazolam Android Expert

    I have had great luck with the cheapo Ebay batteries, but there is always a risk when you don't buy directly from the manufacturer. Even then, you can get a bad battery.
  3. graphitedv

    graphitedv Member
    Thread Starter

    This is totally true. For giggles, I put the battery on a multimeter and it is putting out more voltage than the 1300... by a lot. Hope I didn't fry my Eris!
  4. jmwood

    jmwood Newbie

    I have been using my 1500mah battery out of my htc imagio since day one (over a month) with no issues what so ever..
  5. mcapozzi

    mcapozzi Android Enthusiast

    You THINK the 1500 is from HTC, is there a S/N on the battery that you can contact HTC and verify???

    Anybody can copy a sticker.

  6. bradm77

    bradm77 Well-Known Member

    I bought the 3500 Seidio battery from Amazon ($75 with shipping), and I have had zero problems with it. Unless having wifi, bluetooth, GPS all turned ON and going 24+ hours without a charge constitutes a "problem".... ;)

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