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have searched ebooks in the search box and looked through the "media" section but cant really find anything on ebooks.
iv searched and searched through pages on google but cannot find a site that provides FULL FREE ebooks. im looking for children s books for my xoom, the closest i came was a site that sourced from all different sites and if i was lucky there would be a working link that wasnt cleverly disguised as a donwnload manager or linking me to a dump site that just sends me round in circles

Do full free ebooks exist? if so can anyone recommend a good site that is as simple as searching a list or sub lists and hitting download.

the reader i use is aldiko, not sure of the formats however i can check this and post back if needed, if somebody wants to recommend a better ereader that would be good too, just want something easy, smooth and that plays most or the main format(s)

thanks for any help


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thanks guys and yes kathy i do. its funny you should say but i was actually going to put in my op that i love this and other online forums for help. thanks for the links, hadnt came across that one i dont think (it was 3am when i was searching)

i notice and had already presumed i could convert the format, i do a lot of media converting so this isn't a problem buy is aldiko and epub the right reader and format to stick with?

any other suggestions on free download sites or better ebook readers is greatly appreciated....thanks again for the reply's!


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Aldiko is a good eBook reader.

But you might have also a look at the very good reader Moon+ Reader (Pro).
It reads ePub, PDF and mobi format eBooks, so you might not need to convert some eBooks in ePub.

And on my tablet, Moon give me a nice two-page view with ePub books :)



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For ebook format conversions (from just about anything to epub) use Calibre on your PC. It's free and also has features to copy books over to your phone/tablet if it's plugged in to your PC. Although I typically copy them manually using Windows Explorer.
I use Aldiko also and like it pretty well. I just picked up Les Miserables from their free site.
Hope this helps.