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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by txwolf1980, Dec 7, 2011.

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    Jun 2, 2011

    Jun 2, 2011
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    I'm stealing this format directly from one of our MOD's, EarlyMon. It's so good, I decided to risk plagerism and copy it verbatim.

    This is an round-up of roms and themes I've found useful for our phone.

    If you're new to rooting and need to know where to begin, see

    If you need to know how to root, see

    If you need to get rooting tools, see

    This thread is a handy guide to things to flash, not the place to answer all rooting questions, please see the above links for that.

    OK, here's the list of roms and themes - please note carefully that not all themes work with all roms and the first rule of rooting is to read, read and read some more. Please be sure, or ask first if it's unclear, that the theme you like matches the rom (and rom version) you're checking out.

    NOTE: All of the THEMES/MODS referenced here are for EC07 DEODEXED only. Do not try to root your phone, and flash these on to stock 2.1 or on to an odexed 2.2 ROM. You will brick yourself.

    MIUNIA by Pattielipp
    Miunia Beta-4 [EC07 ROM](Current Release: Beta-4stable) - xda-developers

    Nuckin's Super clean
    [EC07] Nuckin ROM - xda-developers

    EC07 Clean (original debloat/deodexed, which all of the above roms are based on)
    [EC07] Clean - xda-developers

    All of these ROMS are deodexed, which will enable you to flash themes and mods onto them safely. MIUNIA is an ODIN flash. Nuckin and Clean are both CWM flashes.

    Also, I've created individual threads for each of these. Please post comments in those threads.

    Trailblazer's collection
    [10/28][EC07][Trailblazer101] Themes, Mods, More! - xda-developers

    Trailblazer's EVERYTHING return to call hack
    [11/30][Source][Trailblazer101] Hacked "Return To Call" Screen! - xda-developers
    If you choose to use this one, do not flash another framework over it. Simply modify this one.

    Trailblazer is the primary developer for this phone. Once again, all of these mods are for Deodexed EC07.

    I've started an individual thread for these Mods, separate from this listing. Please post comments there.

    Ciscogee's list
    [11/13][THEMES][WIP][ICS] Ciscogee's Ported themes - xda-developers

    Yet again, EC07 DEODEXED only. (if it seems like I'm harping on that, there's a reason)
    Ciscogee is our primary themer. Please note, that you can't flash one of these themes over TB's everything mod. Ciscogee is working on theming that framework, now. So, be patient.

    I've also started an individual thread for this, as well. Please post comments there.

    This list will be updated as new mods, roms and themes surface or are updated.
    PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BEFORE FLASHING ANY OF THESE ITEMS. And always ask, if you aren't clear. I'm always available by PM, and there are others scattered throughout the interwebs that will gladly take the time to help you.


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