Apps Eclipse, android sdk tools(rev. 20) and android sdk platform-tools(rev. 12) update and no keyboard e

Recently(August 2012) I did the topic title update and now the emulator will not accept input from the computer keyboard, or emulator keyboard, only the emulator 'popup keyboard' anyone else do a recent update and have the same issue ??

When I pass the mouse over the emulator keys they no longer turn blue on ~mouseOver~.

I checked my AVD setting, I have not changed them, don't know if the update did any changes to it. Under hardware: -> property: abstracted lcd density -> value: 240. property -> max vm application heap size -> value: 24. That is all there is there. I know there are two keyboard item in the hardware dropdown that can be added.

I am targeting android 2.1. The platform is 2.1 API level is 7.

My input fields are all numeric:

android:layout_toRightOf = "@id/us_lo_textv01"

The reason I updated so to try dialog boxes with fragments. But the AlertDialog.Builder works just fine I was defining them in the wrong place - didn't know about '@Override protected Dialog onCreateDialog()' as per google I changed the program manifest to:
android:minSdkVersion="4" android:targetSdkVersion="15" for the update.

before the update I could use the computer keyboard to input into the emulator not now, anyone else recently updated have the same issue ??