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Dec 9, 2022
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There's a Walmart by me that has a ecoATM machine at the entrance, which says get cash for your phone. I have a really old Motorola and LG phone and wondered if I could get any cash for them. I think the Motorola phone was only 3G and I think the LG was a early 4G phone.

LOL! I ran both phones through there process and got $12 for the LG phone and $6 for the Motorola phone. I'm happy with the cash. I would have toss them in the electronic trash my city has every year.

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i have seen one of those at my mall. never thought of using them however. i do have some old tablets that i can turn in. i have to see if the could charge so that i could do a reset on it before doing so.

does the machine give you cash or some kind of credit?
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The ecoATM gave me cash right out of the machine. I was expecting a cash receipt to spend at Walmart, but no, I got cash.

I should add, the LG phone plugged in and the machine had no problem testing it. The Motorola phone plugged in, but the machine had trouble testing it after two tries. I then saw on the Motorola phone ecoATM WiFi trying to connect with it. I connected the Motorola phone to the ecoATM WiFi and that worked.
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That is interesting. I have a treasure trove of old phones. I think that I have every phone I ever owned less two that I traded in.
I wouldn't feel comfortable about cashing them out without wiping them first. They all worked when they were retired. I have no idea now.
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There's about three of those EcoATMs here in various places, two at Walmarts and another in our dying mall. All three are dead/broken. The two at the Walmarts fail sometime during the 'evaluation phase' and give up, the one at the mall got vandalized, someone busted the LCD and cut the cables out. It's still there but obviously out of order. I've heard of folks buying phones from them but never saw that option on the ones at Walmart.

They get negative reviews online for giving very little for even a modern phone. I think TechRax from YouTube destruction fame tried to see what it'd give for an iPhone X and Xs Max back when those were the newest thing, and I think $150 was the most he could get. The UI is horrendous and features this goofy robot avatar who spouts off noob instructions and 'facts' that are not even current, such as referencing the phone from Saved by the Bell.