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Edge lighting Live Borderlight

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Mehak Gul, Mar 9, 2022.

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    Edge lighting live wallpapers to animate your screen with multi color border lights. Bring the ultimate personalization in your phone through Edge Lighting Colors wallpaper. Border light app helps you set the colorful curved round corners edge lights on your lock and home screen. Pimp your screen with the moving border light and relish adorable round corners live edge light. Edge lighting live wallpapers shows the attractive moving lights around your phone screen edges.

    Get the color lighting edge effects on the mobile borders to better personalize your phone. Edge lighting app provides the border light customization to change edge light rgb colors, lights animation speed, border styles, notch setting and more. Create screen decoration by enabling the colorful screen light at phone border. Set the border light live wallpaper on both home and lock screen and see the stunning animation of edge light colors.

    - Animated colorful live wallpapers edge lights at phone borders
    - Rgb screen lights with adjustable animation speed to customize your phone
    - Many shapes and color screen border styles in live wallpapers lighting app
    - Adjust edge lighting border animation speed, rgb colors, width
    - Edit the border light notch including infinity o, display notch, infinity u, infinity v
    - Adjust top radius, bottom radius, border sizes, notch hole and positions

    Customizable light provides you super edge light with your favorite border colors and shapes. Multiple colors edge of light brings the awesome lighting effect in your phone. Edit the border edge effects with moving speed, animation colors and notch. Get the ambient lighting round corners borders and rgb colors to fully personalize your phone with edge lighting live wallpapers.

    Key Features
    -> Animated Moving border lighting live wallpapers
    -> Edit and customize your edge light wallpaper
    -> Adjust color border animation speed, colors, shapes and notch
    -> Adjust width and height for border lights
    -> Choose edge effects which includes many shapes for borders
    -> Adjust edge lighting top, bottom border round curves and radius
    -> Enable notch pr display hole with x and y positions
    -> Preview and set your custom edge lighting live wallpaper

    Set colorful round edge lighting wallpaper to pimp your screen. Animate your lock and home screen with unique color edge lights multicolor. Turn your phone even more gorgeous by applying the live edge lighting wallpapers.

    Download edge lighting app free from play store
    click me

    Have a Good day

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    do you have any screenshots on what these wallpapers look like? can you post them here?

Edge lighting Live Borderlight

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March 4, 2022
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