Edit a file (rtf?) on both Android and Windows


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For the previous WM6 phone I used RTF files that I could sync between my phone and Windows PC, so that I could edit it them on either and see the changes in the other.

Looking on the forum it seems RTF files cannot be edited on Android.

The reason I had preferred RTF over TXT files is that I could do a bit of formatting to the text and opening a RTF file in WordPad is immensely quicker than any of the proprietary or open formats.

I can leave RTF format but it has to be cross editable on Android+Windows PC.

Please advise

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I found this, and I am Quoting.
"I believe many of the free file manages such as ES File Explorer and Astro File Manager (both free in the market) have built in text file editing capabilities." In this thread.
in post 2.

I have Astro with the network plug in set up. So I created an RTF file on the computer and saved it. Then I went into Astro, Network, found the file on my computer, copied it, and pasted it into the root of my SD card. Then I opened it and added some text to it, saved it. Then I copied it from the SD card, opened up Network again and pasted it back into my Documents Folder on the computer.

Here is the result.
"This is a test of the one m c from the bridge. I am creating an rtf file to see if it can be edited on the phone of android orgin. Now writing text into file from the phone. Will xfer back to computer and see if it still .rtf. "

Not very practical or convenient, but I could find no other way. You want to learn how to do this let me know.


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Thanks both Harry2 and chrstdvd. This leads to something that I was not aware I wanted but was happening seamlessly in WM6 using ActiveSync.

Both the RTF files copies were in sync everytime I conencted to the PC so I could essentially edit on either the PC or on the Phone and they would become synced on the next connect.

Sorry for the added twist. I was about to switch to .doc files but I don't think QuickOffice Pro can do this for me.

Edit: Via USB please

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Okay thanks Harry (had already purchased QuickOffice Pro :( )

You can put the files in a sync folder. Using sync apps like Sugarsync, Dropsync for Dropbox etc. Just set the folder you put your files in as the sync folder for the app, and any change you make on your PC will appear on your phone, and vice versa, as soon as the scheduled sync is done.


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Yes, ChanChan05 I went the SugarSync way for transferring the files but I still do not have an rtf editor, guess will have to switch to doc files :(