Dec 14, 2009
Using the Motorola Droid... I am an exchange user and had the device paired to my gmail account, although i never use gmail.

if i go in and edit a contact (change name, phone number, or add info), after i click to update the contact, they disappear from the contact list! WTF? i know they are still there... somewhere... as if i manually input their phone number, their name comes up when the droid dials them... but they sure do not display in the contact list...

also, if i try to delete a contact, it prompts me to ask me if i am sure, but no matter how many times i try, it won't delete them.

My company actually uses a Zimbra server (Exchange like) and I thought I was having the same problem. Actually what was happening was that any contact edited in the Droid gets filed thereafter first name - last name, not last name - first name, like I had them. They weren't actually deleted, just moved. I tried to work around it but just gave up and now know what to expect. It may not be our situation, but check it out.