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Root editing memory settings

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xclr82xtc, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. xclr82xtc

    xclr82xtc Well-Known Member
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    Nov 16, 2009
    was thinking we could up the emptyapp value definately.. no sure about the rest..anyone have suggestions?

    # Define the oom_adj values for the classes of processes that can be
    # killed by the kernel. These are used in ActivityManagerService.
    setprop ro.FOREGROUND_APP_ADJ 0
    setprop ro.VISIBLE_APP_ADJ 1
    setprop ro.SECONDARY_SERVER_ADJ 2
    setprop ro.BACKUP_APP_ADJ 2
    setprop ro.HOME_APP_ADJ 4
    setprop ro.HIDDEN_APP_MIN_ADJ 7
    setprop ro.CONTENT_PROVIDER_ADJ 14
    setprop ro.EMPTY_APP_ADJ 15

    # Define the memory thresholds at which the above process classes will
    # be killed. These numbers are in pages (4k).
    setprop ro.FOREGROUND_APP_MEM 1536
    setprop ro.VISIBLE_APP_MEM 2048
    setprop ro.SECONDARY_SERVER_MEM 4096
    setprop ro.BACKUP_APP_MEM 4096
    setprop ro.HOME_APP_MEM 4096
    setprop ro.HIDDEN_APP_MEM 5120
    setprop ro.CONTENT_PROVIDER_MEM 5632
    setprop ro.EMPTY_APP_MEM 6144


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