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Educate me on overclocking please

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by angiembfl, May 31, 2011.

  1. angiembfl

    angiembfl Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Finally took the plunge and rooted and flashed (is that the terminology??) Velocity 1.1. I am loving having the extra space and customization options. But my Ally is still a little laggy here and there. Why could that be? So, now I'm wondering about overclocking...what is is, why do it, how do you do it, are there any negatives? Please educate a noob! :)

    BTW, this forum is awesome! Most of you have been wonderful and patience and super helpful!

  2. k.c.cole

    k.c.cole Android Enthusiast

    Most people find the lag issues resolved by oc'ing. The limit of clock speed varies. I could oc my ally to 767, others can go to 804. The oc tool is a part of the velocity toolkit.

    With my Ally I found the best balance between speed and battery drain to be 748 MHz. ut, I also have chargers at home in the car and at work if I need them.
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  3. PowerBomb

    PowerBomb Android Enthusiast

    Go into Velocity Tool Kit, CPU settings, bump up your max speed, I believe the most recommended governor to select according to the developers is "smartass". Do NOT set any speed to "apply on boot" until you make sure your phone is stable. Otherwise you can choose too high of a speed that constantly crashes, and if you have it to apply on boot, your phone will constantly reboot at that high speed and never be able to handle it. Some people can go up to 787 or above but it just depends on the health of the internals of your phone and how well it was put together at the factory. You'll notice a good boost just going to 740 or 767 or whatever the exact speeds are.
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  4. benwalburn

    benwalburn Android Enthusiast

    As for the negatives, the most obvious would be battery drain. Then there would be overheating and the overall life of the phone. Although, the lifespan isn't much affected unless you abuse it.
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  5. angiembfl

    angiembfl Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I just bumped it up to 748 and wow what a difference a little bit makes. Thanks for your info! :)
  6. benwalburn

    benwalburn Android Enthusiast

    Also, your camera probably won't work while overclocked. It will hang for about 20 seconds, then reboot.
  7. angiembfl

    angiembfl Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Whew! You scared me! I use my camera on the fly a ton! But I opened it up and it works...even loads a bit faster than normal. But thanks for the warning. :)
  8. netizenmt

    netizenmt Android Enthusiast

    I have never had an issue with my camera causing a reboot when overclocked. I think it just goes back to some blend of luck of the draw on hardware, other apps installed, possibly quality of sdcard, themes, launchers... hard to say what sort of digital DNA mayhem could be involved.
  9. savoxis

    savoxis Android Expert

    The phone will reboot when you hit the camera button because it doesn't love you anymore.

    Might I recommend activities to bring the spark back in your relationship. Dinner and a Movie perhaps? Remember a diamond lasts forever.
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  10. dautley

    dautley Android Expert

    It's not nice to make the little android dude or dudet in your CPU run around the hamster wheel making CPU cycles that fast. Dinner and a movie and a nice shot of WD-40 for the wheel may help, but diamonds do absolutely no good in the little TRON world that's deep inside your phone.
    End Of Line
  11. lightningdude

    lightningdude Member

    A little bit of that nice blue juice doesn't hurt, either.
  12. jeckel

    jeckel Member

    I'm enjoying 787 and 320 min
  13. angiembfl

    angiembfl Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    You guys are funny!

    So I wrote up another post but no response yet but i'm wondering if it's related. I hope not because i'm enjoying my newfound speed even if only away from home. My Ally will lag and freeze for 3-4 seconds and then catch up and it's driving me nuts! I've noticed it seems to only do it at home when I'm using wifi which I always use there because I'm on the fringe of the service area. Could it be lagging because of wifi? Maybe it's confused which to use? How does 3g and wifi interact when both on?
  14. KingOfGreen

    KingOfGreen Android Expert

    If wifi is connected, all data goes through there and 3g gets shut off. The standard settings are that it will switch back to 3g when the screen is off so it may constantly be switching back and forth. You can change this by going to wifi, hitting menu and go to advanced and change the wifi sleep thing. I wouldnt think there would be any reason for it to lag on wifi vs 3g though. You might have some app causin trouble or you may be trying to do to much at once. And like savoxis said in the other thread. If you really do have a problem. Back up everythign with titianium backup and wipe everything then reflash. Dont restore everything all at once and you may find what was causing the problem. Or it could have just been a funky install which has happened to me more than once.
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