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Electrical problems with Galaxy S4?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bistritapcv, May 22, 2017.

  1. bistritapcv

    bistritapcv Member
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    Anybody else have problems with this? I have a Galaxy S4 and I plug the charger in. Looks like it is charging for a minute, but then it keeps beeping like it is reconnecting, or beeps and then the charger symbol is not there and it does not charge.

    I know one thing says to use the original charger. I found original chargers and ones that are the equivalent. Some seems to work but then the same thing starts happening again. I have to pull the charger out, put it back in, shake the phone around and things and sometimes that fixes it and sometimes not. I even pull the plug out of the wall and put it back in really securely.

    I do have Trip Log start/stop which has expired and it keeps saying over and over "connected to power" like it is reconnecting. Not sure if that is the problem. I would uninstall that but I want the tip log aspect of it which just records data and shows mileage. Not sure this has anything to do with that anyway.

    Oh, and this may not just be S4-related but that is what I have.

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