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Electrician Electric Calc

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by sandywilkins, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Aug 30, 2011

    Aug 30, 2011
    Electrician Calculator - National Electric Code (NEC) compliant calculator for electricians, engineers and electrical professionals, electrical contractors, designers, lighting experts, inspectors, maintenance personnel and builders!

    This is the Market URL:

    Is currently compliant with NEC 2008 and NEC 2002, and future updates are FREE!

    Forget about complicated key combinations normally required for NEC calculators! With this app you'll be able to perform the following calculations in a straightforward way:

    ---- Voltage Drop ----
    All voltage drop calculations use NEC chapter 9 table 8 values (either stranded or unstranded), and ambient temperature is taken into consideration as per NEC chapter 9 table 8 FPN 2.
    • Find voltage drop (in volts and percentage).
    • Find the maximum cable length given a required voltage drop and wire gauge (for single and three phase circuits).
    • Find the minimum wire gauge given a required voltage drop and distance (for single and three phase circuits).

    -- Ampacity --
    Ampacity calculations use NEC tables 310.16 and 310.17 to find maximum ampacity or minimum wire gauge. The correction factor for temperature is used in these calculations.
    • Find the minimum wire gauge given an amps value and ambient temperature (can specify if it will be in a raceway or free air).
    • Find the maximum ampacity of a cable given its gauge, the ambient temperature, and if it is in a raceway or free air.
    -- Conduit sizing and conduit fill--
    Conduit and cable diameters are obtained from the tables in NEC chapter 9. Maximum fill percentages are obtained from NEC chapter 9 table 1.
    • Find the minimum size conduit given the gauge and number of cables.
    - Can specify the following conduit types: EMT, ENT, FMC, IMC, LFNB, LFNA, RMC, PVC-80, PVC-40 / HDPE, PVC-A, PVC-EB.
    - Can specify the following insulation types: THHN, THWN, THWN-2, THW, THHW, THW-2, TW, XHH, XHHW, XHHW-2, RHH, RHW, RHW-2.
    • Find the maximum amount of cables that can be used, given conduit size and type, and cable gauge and insulation.

    -- Motor full load current --
    Motor full load current values are obtained from NEC tables 430-247, 430-248, 430-250 in chapter 9.
    • Find the motor full current load for DC motors, single phase, squirrel cage, wound rotor, and synchronous electrical motors from 1/4HP to 200 HP.

    -- Preferences --
    The app preferences will allow you to choose to enter Values can be entered in Feet or Meters, Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can also select to use copper or aluminum cables by default, and select to use stranded or unstranded cables.
    You can also choose to use this app in Spanish.

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