elektronic mart?

have any of you heard of elektronic mart? i found it when looking for low priced tablets and was wondering if it was legit or not


Did you ever find out more? I'm trying to find out myself. There is very little out there. If they are new they certainly dont give you that impression on their web site.


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I always use this site too check on resellers: ResellerRatings.com

Unfortunately, the website you are asking about has no info there.

Also try the Better Business Bureau

No info there under Web address, name, or phone.

That's usually a good thing for no BBB report. But if they just created the website, people haven't had time to file claims.
If something is too good to be true, it usually is.
Their tablets are priced $200 less than anyone else. On every tablet! Nobody can do that and stay in business.
Trust your instincts and stay away from this company.


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Well, their domain name was registered the first of September this month. So either it's a brand new website or they've renewed their domain, which seems less likely IMO, given there are lots of people asking if they are legit.

Personally I wouldn't trust them.