Nov 29, 2020
Recently, I bought an Elephone E10 with pure Android 10. I did test it, and I had a problem. I don't know if this problem is model-related or if the precise phone I bought has an issue. When I try to use an SD card as portable storage, the phone is downloading each file that I try to work with. So, if I try to read a book, listen to music or watch any content, my phone first downloads it on its internal memory and after that open a new file. And if I try to open a book directly from an app, the app doesn't see SD card at all.
I read before that it is better to use this mode for managing with the SD card on Android 10, since there are issues with the other option proposed. I searched on the forum and Googled about that mistake but I didn't find an answer so far...
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what card are you using? is this on all apps? or just your reading app? what reading app are you using?
I am using Samsung SDHC UHS-1 Card on 32 Gb. I tried to open text files (.txt; .fb2; .epub; .doc) and music (.mp4 and .wav). And it do that with Alreader, Cool Reader for the text files and foobar2000 for music
are you "opening" the files using the apps from your previous post? or are you using the apps to do it? you mentioned the apps did not see the sd card, how do you know this? does it not show the downloaded file? or do you get an error?
When I open file from file manager, it download it on the phone and open a new, downloaded, file. When I am in the app and try to open a file, the app navigator doesn't show me SD card, only internal memory
how are you downloading the files? thru the browser? if so what browser? in chrome you can designate where to download the files(internal or sd card). and i just tried alreader and you can get it to navigate to the sd card.....not sure why so it could also be the app.
The problem is not that I download a file. But when I try to open existing file on my SD, the phone first copies it on internal storage and after that opens the new file