Aug 8, 2010
Every-time I open the email app on my Ally, it automatically backscreens.

- I receive emails and notifications fine.
- I can open said emails
- But when the email is left open for 3-5 seconds it will automatically go back to the inbox screen
- If left alone it will backscreen to the folders page
- I f left alone it will backscreen to the Android homepage.
- I have tried multiple times to delete and reenter the accounts
- THis happens both with my hotmail and my work email (Outlook Exchange)
- I have tried both soft and hard resets, but the issue always returns.

Any thoughts or comments, or idea?

Note: Gmail works fine...no issues, but I cannot sync my work account with gmail.
I have just started having the same thing happen to me. I added 2 work email accts (Employer & Company I'm Contracted with, both Exchange) and it started doing this. I removed the Contractor email acct, and my Hotmail acct, but it's still doing it.

If anyone has thoughts or suggestions would be muchly appreciated!