Email app - Random email in the Restore Account screen


I only use the Gmail app and never the stock Email app. I wanted to disable it after upgrading to 4.1.1 but that ability has been taken away. I launched Email for the first time since my hard reset and I was presented with this screen, which says that an AOL account is identified for my mobile account.


Does anyone know how this would have happened? I bought the phone new (as far as I know) at a best buy, and I have wiped the phone at least twice previously and never had this pop up. I do not use AOL and this email address is surely not mine.

I keep installed apps to a bare minimum and I don't share information when I can help it. Any ideas how this link could have occurred? Could my phone have been a refurb? It didn't seem like it when I unboxed it ~three months ago.

Thanks in advance.


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Id call your carrier. I bet its pulling it from a previous phone # or maybe an old sim chip # or something like that. That is very odd.

Even if it was a refurb the phone was wiped so all that old data would of been gone.
Same problem with me, except a random yahoo email instead of aol. The notifications are annoying and even when I opt to not show notifications from the email app it still shows up...