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Email connection error

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Cooky, May 26, 2011.

  1. Cooky

    Cooky Guest
    Thread Starter

    Hi ive been happily receiving Push mail for the last couple of weeks on my GS2 and today i noticed i havent received any. I hit refresh in the Social Hub mail app and got a message saying

    "Unable to open connection to server due to security error"

    Im also then sporradicly seeing

    "Device has limited permissions"


    "Username and password wrong"

    I havent changed any settings or passwords etc, but i cant send or receive email now.

    Ive checked on my PC and there is new email in my inbox, im just not getting it on my phone.

    I did register with Samsung yesterday to check for software updates, which required me to enter my email address, but other than that i havent changed anything.

    Ive tried re-entering the account info and password but it says connection error when it trys to validate them.

    Ive also tried to add a new account (using the same acount) but it knows its a dulicate and wont let me...

    Can anyone help...?

  2. Cooky

    Cooky Guest
    Thread Starter

    PS: The email is a gmail aco****. Im not getting it in the actual Gmail app or the stock Email app either.

    But my hotmail is still being pushed through successfully
  3. Cooky

    Cooky Guest
    Thread Starter

    I think it may be to do with Server Security settings. Last night i got a notification asking me to set them so i could use remote functions to wipe mail etc (in case phone is stolen etc). I clicked activate and i think the problem has been since then. I have tried to deactivate it (see screen shot) but every time i do i get another notification telling me to reactivate it... Is there something remote i need to do, on the web or something?

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  4. ronanki.2002

    ronanki.2002 Lurker

    How to disable the security error and receive mails in the Mobile from Exchanger Server2010
  5. bjbever

    bjbever Lurker

    I had this problem too. As it turned out in an effort to increase my battery life I had disabled background syncing. Once I re-enabled that I received an email from my exchange server saying that it needed to be able to remotely administer certain aspects of my device. Since mine is a company phone I'm pretty much at their mercy anyway. :mad:

    I followed the email instructions which directed me to enable the exchange remote administration and everything came back to normal.

    Hope this helps.


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