Help Email Craziness


I can't seem to find where this has been addressed before, so I hope I'm not asking a question already answered.

I have my Fascinate checking 2 email accounts. The Office (Imap) and my Gmail. When first set-up, both worked, that is, they received mail, displayed it and allowed me to answer, forward, delete.

For some reason, I can no longer reply to or forward anything from the Office, or IMAP, account. I can delete them and my Outlook client on my desktop shows that I have read them when I do so from the phone. When I try to reply or forward, everything seems to be fine on the phone, there is no indication that anything is amiss but nothing happens, I hit send and everything seems fine, but the process is not completed.

One other thing. It occured to me to delete the IMAP account and re-install.... can't seem to find the option for deleting a email account. Anyone know how? Thanks!

Also, everything works just fine on the Gmail account, I can send an email from Gmail to the IMAP and it works but not visa versa.

Any ideas? Do you think this is a Verizon issue? BTW- I have not done any rooting or anything like that.

I had a similar problem with a POP email account and ended up downloading K9 Mail. I am told that K9 works well for IMAP? Worth a try and it is free. BTW...I just left the Google Accounts on the stock Samsung email (don;t know what it is called) and the POP using K9...has worked great so far!

Knocks on wood! Ha... Best


To delete the account, go to email client and press and hold the account you want to delete. It will popup with some options, one is to delete the account.

Hope it helps.