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My email has gone a bit strange. Up until earlier today i was receiving email fine on my Galaxy S2. For some reason, yahoo has stopped working. I have both yahoo and hotmail, tried sending a test message to myself and my hotmail ones work fine but the yahoo one does not. I have checked PC and it is there so it is something on the Galaxy itself.

I deleted the account (yahoo) and have tried to re-create it.

here is the steps i am following

1. Go to social hub
2. menu - add account
3. select yahoo mail
4. enter email address and password
5. click next
6. goes to retrieving account information
7. It says account now set up
8. Click done

does not sync or anything, i can send email and i can see them in my sent email but cannot see any existing email

This is really annoying as it worked before and has just decided to stop. the only way that i found this out was because i noticed i hadnt received any email for a while.