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Support Email icons open wrong account

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gidget662, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Gidget662

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    Jan 5, 2012

    Jan 5, 2012
    I did a search, but couldn't find the answer to my situation. I am self-employed, and most of my clients give me an email address to their company. Currently I have three Gmail accounts and two POP accounts on my phone. One of the Gmail accounts is mine and is the default for my phone (Gmail.com). The other two Gmail accounts are actually company accounts on the Gmail platform, ie, me@thiscompany.com and me@anothercompany.com. Of the two other (POP) accounts one is my personal Yahoo account (they helped me set it up in the store, can't remember how that was done) and the other is a POP account (me@thisothercompany.com).

    I have five different icons, one for each email, on my homepage. However, regardless of which icon I choose, it opens the mail for the last email account I was in. For example, I touch the Gmail default icon, then close it. If I touch another Gmail/Google account icon (company name), that icon will open my Gmail account that I was just in instead of the company Gmail/Google that is linked to this icon. The same thing happens between my Yahoo and POP accounts, the two show the last account regardless of which icon I press. I don't want to keep having to go to the dropdown and change to the correct account. I want to be able to touch the right icon on the homepage, and have it open to the correct account. Is this even possible, or am I stuck with the dropdown every time? I've tried setting the default for each icon, but that isn't working either. I'm constantly switching emails all day long, so this is very annoying to keep hitting the dropdown.


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