Email issues

I set up my (new) Gmail account and my Yahoo account on my phone. Instead of only downloading new messages it downloaded everything I had saved on the account dating back for several years! Also, when I delete mail from the phone it also deletes it from the server. I looked through all the menus and couldn't find a way to a) only download new messages and b) keep deleted mail on the server. This is using the default email app that came on the phone. Is this just a sucky email program? And if so, is there something I can replace it with that will give me the features I want? I really don't want to take up my phone's memory with messages from 2002, and I kept them on the server so I would always have them... I don't want the phone deleting them :(


How many yahoo messages did it download to the phone? How do you know the messages are downloaded to the phone? I guess they are just the message headers? Did it just download all the message subjects and from? It sounds crazy to me too I would have hundreds or thousands.