Help email lag?


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I am using the stock email app and am experiencing quite a lag when selecting the email notification from the pull down notification menu. When I tap on the email, it takes 3-5 seconds to open the actual email. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Carrier is Verizon and the lag occurs with hotmail and exchange mail accounts


I had the same issues, OP. I had Yahoo and Exchange accounts running through the stock email app, and the lag was intolerable.
I went into my settings for each of my email accounts and discovered that they were set to retrieve ALL emails. Given that I use email A LOT, I was receiving a popup message saying that it had reached the 5,000 email retrieval limit. Yeah, ok, I know I've had these accounts for years (business and personal), but 5,000?! So I'm apparently a packrat.

Anyway, I set each account to only retrieve one month's worth of emails and that did the trick. Now it's snappy and I'm happy.


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Thanks for the reply, I gave this a try and don't notice a difference.....anyone else got ant tips?