Help Email not Syncing after update 4.1.1

Hi there,

I updated my Galaxy S3 to Android 4.1.1 the other day. I thought it funny that I had not recieved any emails in the past few days. I looked today and the last time it synced was 26/12/12 when I manually checked my emails using the pre-intalled email app on the homescreen and I recieved emails. I deleted the the account and set it up again and set it to sync at 15 minute intervals but it still does not sync. The account is a Hotmail account. Any ideas?




I had the same problem with my AOL mail. I don't remember updating, but maybe my phone did automatically. I have a Galaxy s3. BUT, I figured it out!

go to settings>accounts and sync You should see your email account(s) listed. You'll need to slide the "switch" at the top to "on" to sync your email. Then tap your email and your mail should appear shortly.

I wondered why my phone wasn't showing my emails! Not sure how it happened, but it's all good now. Hope this helps you!