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Email Notifications On Android 4.4.2

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Android Question

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    I have a new LG G3 running 4.4.2 on O2

    I have it configured for my works exchange account with push set.

    When my phone is awake i get notifications instantly.

    But when my phone sleeps the notifications take a lot longer and sometimes do not happen at all and it is only when I unlock the phone that I get the notifications.

    Any help or advice would be great.

    Many thanks

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  2. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Android Expert

    You probably have wi-fi set to go off when the screen is off.
    Goto: Settings > Wi-Fi, then press overflow (3 vertical dots) icon > Advanced
    Ensure "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" is set to "Always."
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