Help Email Problems (hotmail)


Sep 8, 2011
I have added 2 hotmail accounts to my phone and everything has been working well for the last year or so. Starting yesterday my phone keeps requiring a new log in as well as logging me into msn messenger even though i never ask it to. As soon as i do log in, in about 30 mins i will need to log in again.

I'm concerned that it was a hacker issue but i went to my accounts on my laptop and changed passwords for both. I then relogged in to the accounts on my phone - 15 minutes later it requested relogging in again.


Thanks in advance.
Seriously? No one?

I've had to delete the accounts on my phone. I added them again but it kept doing it so i've deleted them completely, but the MSN messenger IM keeps doing it still.
I am getting a relog in for my hotmail on my galaxy it is not workink. I hav never had this happen