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Email Saying "ATT Premier items are on Backorder"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DukeL, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. DukeL

    DukeL Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Just received theis email from at&t anyone get the same email? Maybe I'm gonna get it even later now?

    "Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your recent purchase on the AT&T Premier Online Store. We are pleased that you chose AT&T as your wireless service provider.

    Unfortunately, items in your order are out of stock and are backordered. We will ship them as soon as they are available, and notify you of the shipment by email. We will ship multiple backordered items when all items are in stock.

    If your order remains out of stock or backordered for 30 days, your order will be automatically canceled.

    You can view the status of your order on AT&T Premier Online Store at any time.

    Thank you,

    The AT&T Premier Team"

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  2. Hobo Stu

    Hobo Stu Lurker

    I got the same email. It's sort of ridiculous because I placed my order at around 12:30AM pacific time. I'm too lazy to contact customer service so I'm just going to wait it out and see what happens.
  3. motionxxusxx

    motionxxusxx Well-Known Member

    Same here. I order late Sunday afternoon.
  4. aztooh

    aztooh Well-Known Member

    Probably has to do with the fact that it was a PREorder and the product isn't available yet?
  5. arunsharma7

    arunsharma7 Well-Known Member

    does that mean you won't get by 6th march?
  6. dwd3885

    dwd3885 Well-Known Member

    right. it's only backordered because it's preorder. i'm assuming anyway.
  7. atlbuc

    atlbuc Android Enthusiast

    This is correct
  8. Manny05

    Manny05 Newbie

    actually i spoked to at&t and they told me not to count on the march 6th release date. that it may get pushed back. idk why, but thats what they told me today over the phone when they called to ask about my experience with the inspire i just bought
  9. dwd3885

    dwd3885 Well-Known Member

    interesting. probably just to make you feel better about buying the Inspire ;-)
  10. DukeL

    DukeL Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So is everyone that pre-ordered yesterday getting this email then?
  11. dwd3885

    dwd3885 Well-Known Member

    I ordered through Premier yesterday, one hour after pre-orders began.
  12. DukeL

    DukeL Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    And Im assuming you received the email too?
  13. nerarea

    nerarea Lurker

    when pre-ordering in store didn't get an email
  14. DukeL

    DukeL Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    You preordered today then?
  15. SAberDroid

    SAberDroid Member

    I got the same e-mail and I am Premier as well. Has anyone else already been charged for the phone? I thought it wasn't supposed to charge until it shipped.... Also when I pre-ordered the phone it got rid of my data package completely and my iPhone said "cannot connect bc you are not subscribed to a data plan" Called in and got my unlimited back but man...talk about your glitches haha
  16. tawfiqmp

    tawfiqmp Newbie

    There is nothing to worry about. Same thing happened when the iPhone was pre-ordered through premier. People got emails saying the iPhone 4 was backordered but in fact everyone in premier pretty much got theirs the day before the iPhone 4 even came out. It just says back order because it's a pre-order and they don't have an inventory count for the premier orders but they'll have more than enough.
  17. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Android Enthusiast

    I did not get any emails of anything being on back order but I only purchased the phone and did not get the extras. I also ordered through Premeir.
  18. arunsharma7

    arunsharma7 Well-Known Member

    I also didn't get any back-ordered email from ATT.
    I ordered online around 7 PM EST Sunday
  19. atlbuc

    atlbuc Android Enthusiast

    I didn't get a back order email but if you go to AT&T website the to order status you'll see what you ordered and it being back ordered.
  20. arunsharma7

    arunsharma7 Well-Known Member

    It is not showing back-ordered

    New Service

    Status: [​IMG]

    Last Updated: Feb 14, 2011

    Shipping Carrier: Unless you are an employee of UPS, USPS or DHL, your shipment should ship via FedEx.





  21. arunsharma7

    arunsharma7 Well-Known Member

    But yes in different page (Order Status) it is showing back-ordered. I hope we all get before 6th March
  22. atlbuc

    atlbuc Android Enthusiast

    I think we will be rewarded early shipments for pre-ordering early enough. FWIW I was told by my business rep that we should start seeing it by the end of Feb. or 1st week in March.
  23. arunsharma7

    arunsharma7 Well-Known Member

    Since I am flying out of country on 5th March for 2 weeks I want it badly before than.
    This wait is killing me.
    I hope as in case of T-Mobile G2 we should start seeing this earlier than the announced date.
    I hope March 1st which was the first rumored launch date becomes true!!
  24. motionxxusxx

    motionxxusxx Well-Known Member

    I can no longer log into the my account section. When I search by order number it now says my order number is not recognized. You've got to love att.
  25. atlbuc

    atlbuc Android Enthusiast

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