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I'm having issues with my email account syncing to my GalaxyS3 and needing some guidance. I've set my setting so that my emails should sync to my phone about once every hour, but I have not received an email to my phone since yesterday (12/15/2012) at 9:20 AM.

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Welcome to the forums StaceyCM, glad to have you here :)

Are you using the default email application or Gmail? or something else?

What email provider are you trying to set an account up for?

Thanks for joining and hope we can try and solve this issue for you :)


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I'm using an MSN account through hotmail and it's worked great until yesterday. I had taken the phone into the Verizon store last weekend and he said I had it set on "manuel" update rather then automatic update. I believe that I've got it set up correctly still, but am not exactly sure.