Email with Attachments Queued Indefinitely

My GMail app on my phone has stopped delivering e-mail that has attachments. They remain in my Outbox in "Queued" status. I'm also unable to save the attachment to Google Drive from Gmail.

I can send e-mail that has no attachments, even if mail with attachments is waiting in the Outbox. My Google Drive account has about 8GB free. The attachments currently failing include a 16 kilobyte .pdf file, created by an invoicing app I've been using successfully for over a year, and a .png screen capture (about 336k). My phone itself has 1.4GB free internal storage and 3.9GB free on SD storage.

I've tried rebooting my phone, clearing the Gmail App's cache and data (which, of interest to those following similar instructions, deletes the Queued messages without delivering them). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Gmail App, and syncing with wi-fi turned on and turned off. Both my wi-fi and nearest cell tower are within line-of-sight with excellent signal strength. I've reset my password. I'm able to view both the .pdf and .png attachments by opening them in the Outbox-- so I'm thinking that rules out permissions, mimetype issues, and anything specific to the files themselves. I'm able to send attachments from my desktop through Gmail, so it seems isolated to my phone.

I'm at a loss. Any ideas what else I can try?


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Update: I tried creating a profile on my son's Android device and sending an e-mail with an attachment from there. The Outbox e-mail was in perpetual "Retrying" status. Family is using about half of our 15GB quota.

Arpit Nagar

Hello everyone,
I just got a temporary solution dor this situation, that as any mail gets into outbox queued so just by refreshing the same will sort out the issue.
Hope so it will work for everyone. Thanks.