Email won't work overlay vis storage.


I spent an hour with a Google Gent who helped me reset my android LG G3 only to find the problem returned. A follow up email arrived with some gracious tips on resets etc.

Problem has been alleviated on most apps but new problem shows up on my email.
Not the Google mail, the one I get from my supplier, Rogers.

It won't allow me access because it is blocked from "storage" and I should turn off the overlay on the phone to set the "storage"
I turned off the overlay, but storage still wont budge on the buttons. I rebooted my phone and tried again but it still remains as above.

Have turned off the overlay but the icon shows overlay still on.
Phone won't let me access storage because overlay is on.

I can't find this email app in google play or I would delete it and reinstall.
in bad need of an assist.