Help email-working to not working


Dec 11, 2009
i have 3 accounts set up and the gmail one also. All worked fine for about 5-6 months now. Just lately I noticed i wasnt getting any alerts so I checekd my email icons. gmail is only one that works, the others when clicked on just sorta open to a blank screen. One is hotmail, one is exchange and one is pop3, all 3 do not work, and act the same, but the gmail one works fine. I have shut phone down (not sleep mode) and no help. I have Home +++ running and have tried it with Home, no change. Its like the Emails are just dying on startup.
I'm guessing you're using native Email app. I use K-9 but I think what I would do in K-9 applies to Email too.

Try a manual mail check within the application. If this completes successfully, look at settings related to automatically checking for new mail.

If it doesn't succeed, verify incoming mail server settings. At bottom of screen, there's a button saying Next (or similar). Tap that & application will confirm connectivity.
hmm ok, its working. Blank screen becuase no setting for accounts anymore. SO it appears my email setting just dissapered... that sucks.. not to impressed by that.