Help Emailing music from Note 3 ???


Dec 19, 2013
Why can't I email music using android 4.3 from my Note 3 ? On my Note 2, there was a "Share" button in the top right hand corner of the music player screen with a drop down menu that enabled me to share music files as emails or other msgs. What happened ? I'm in the music business & this is a huge necessity for my daily life. Help !!!
In the GMail app, there's an "Attach file" choice in the menu. Choose Music Picker and you can find your music to attach.

They just turned it upside down - you don't share the music, you add music to what you're sharing.
The only options I see when I press the menu button in the Gmail are "attach video" & "attach music". There's no general "attach file" option.
My apologies. I installed a software update but it wasn't android 4.4, it was just an update of 4.3
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I use the stock email app. Start a new mail to the recipient, add attachments with the paper clip icon at the top, open file manager and find the track you want to send. Mark it and tap done top right. Finish your email and send, never had it fail yet.