Help Emails not sending but receiving on Wifi...


I've had this phone for 6 months now and struggling to fathom out how to fix the problem on wifi. I can go online and emails are being received. However, I have to turn wifi off and use packet data to send emails. This phone's mac address has been added onto our router, I think the IP address, etc mirrors that of our router. I'm on Orange. I've tried keying a code into the number pad as a test and its not fixed the problem. Can anyone help?



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Which email provider and smtp (email sending) server do you use? It looks like you have set the smtp server to your wireless (phone) carrier. Usually the smtp servers can be used just over carrier's packet data and not from any other network. I had the same problem on my phone, after switching to my own smtp server it work perfectly.


I have the same problem with my e mail...tried sending e mail over wifi or just my data connection and it doesn't work. My smtp server is set to my Internet provider and not cell phone company. How would i find out which smtp server is from phone company?