Root Emergency!! Boot loop after ROM Manager Backup



Am a little stressed out here. :eek:
After my first root using the unrevoked method I performed a ROM Manager Backup. The program worked for a while with moving files, and whan trying to reboot I am stuck in an infinite boot loop. I seem to remember reading somewhere that I should not remove the battery if that happened so I have no ide what step to take next.

Any help is very appreciated:eek:


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Its all in my faq. Please people, read it. Its good, promise.

In the interest of saving time.

Known issue, first backup after unrevoked. Pull battery, boot recovery as above, restore backup. Jobs a good un.


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Pressing vol down, power and the trackball will stop the bootloop. See if you can get into recovery?

it wont stop this bootloop as its not a cache issue.
he will need to pull and go to recovery then restore the backup he made
this is the legendary 1 time backup nand corruption thing


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My bad. Knew I had seen som einfo about it somewhere, but guess the stress got the best of me. Kind of hard to relax when the vibration tunrs on every 15 seconds. Thank you both for quick replies ;)

However in all fairness I did not root using 3.21 :p