Help Emergency Calls Only?

I'm so annoyed right now at my Ace. Since I got it 2 months ago it's been acting up, saying I have no service ("emergency calls only"). I switched to 2G and still nothing. I've taken out the battery, the sim, moved around the house so that I have a great signal, and still nothing. I've searched for answers elsewhere and I really don't want to restore my phone to its factory settings. Someone help, please? It's a model GT-S5830i if that helps.


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Did you have good service with your previous phone using the same service provider? If so, it may be that you have a defective phone and might want to think about a replacement.

good luck

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Have you been able to make calls with this phone or nothing at all? Is it carrier-locked? Is the sim the same as you used before? I'm asking this because it might be a problem caused by your carrier or your sim.