Oct 25, 2010
Okay, here it goes. I was trying to get my phone to return to stock, because i had a problem with rooted phone. So, i was looking for Firmware for Returning to Stock. and i found one, and used Odin3 to force update with the firmware,then i turned on my phone... and the screen said AT&T WORLD***** or W/E!!!!... i accidently downloaded AT&T Galaxy S Captivate's firmware... and now i cant go to 'Reset Factory Mode' or 'Downloading Mode'. can anyone help me? if i just can go to downloading mode, i can fix this. is there anyway to auto-goto downloading mode when you insert USB? like un-screwing the phone and doing something? i can take any-risk to fix this. thank you :(
I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but have you pulled the battery and plugged it into USB while holding volume down?