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.eml attachment opening & viewing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lappie2010, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Lappie2010

    Lappie2010 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    From time to time I get an email with a .eml attachment. The attachment downloads but wont open. I click on the attachment and it glows for a second and nothing. I use Exchange 2003 and ActiveSync. Any ideas.

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  2. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    The .eml file is an outlook formatted file that the HTC mail and Gmail application will not open or recognize properly.

    Secondly anyone who forwards emails as attachments are simply living in the 90's. Try replying to your co-workers or friends and explaining them that forwarding and email as an attachment is slightly dated and makes it unreadable to anyone not using Outlook or Hotmail.

  3. rhinodad

    rhinodad Newbie

    I have the same issue. It has nothing to do with people forwarding emails as attachments intentionally. Any email forwarded from a windows mobile phone automatically comes in the eml format. I haven't found an android solution yet.
  4. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    Your information is inaccurate. I had just my IT manager forward an email to my gmail/android from his Treo Pro which is Windows Mobile 6.1. It was not an .eml attachment. It was quoted inline and no attachments formed because of it.
  5. rhinodad

    rhinodad Newbie

    Not sure how you can say my info is "inaccurate" as I'm seeing it on my phone as I type this. Perhaps the issue is on the server side in the way our company Exchange box is set up. Interestingly, it does NOT happen when folks using phones other than Winmo forward email.

    In any event, it appears that the "Exchange by Touchdown" app in the Android Market handles these attachments without a problem. I downloaded the trial version yesterday and it seems to work as I need it to. So I'll probably purchase it and ditch the Moxier client which came w/ my Moment.
  6. Chief7

    Chief7 Well-Known Member

    Good info on the "Exchange by Touchdown" (especially on Bowl day!) - we'll take a look at that, too!
  7. inspclouseau

    inspclouseau Lurker

    I know, so how do I forward from my N1 and it NOT be forwarded as an attachment?
  8. iPeel

    iPeel Lurker

    Seriously? Forwarding e-mails with headers etc preserved using a multi-part mime attachment is in the 90's and people should adopt the cutting edge approach of indenting and shoving everything up into a single inline block of text? On what planet is that less dated? I guess people should make the leap to the next generation messaging technology and flap a blanket over a smoke fire?

    I frequently receive travel itineraries as attached multiple emails attached and forwarded to me from our travel organisers as they receive them from the agencies they deal with, usually one for the air travel, one for the hotel and sometimes yet another with some requirements to fill in and return to arrange a visa etc. Forwarding as an email ensures they don't miss anything out. I guess on your planet they would cut and paste these into one whopping block of text for me to endlessly page through looking for what I need?

    This used to work perfectly on my Blackberry, now I have to print out the attachments before I travel, progress huh? I'd gladly pay a few quid for an app that can open .eml files, anyone?
  9. dpicker3

    dpicker3 Lurker

    I am hoping this has been resolved somewhere - although I cannot find it anywhere. Let's make this really simple. It is NOT anything the user is doing. It is something the phone is doing. I have an HTC Incredible. To troubleshoot this I sat at a table with 2 colleagues: 1 with a Moto Droid 2 and one with an iPhone 4G. I also had my laptop with Outlook and an exchange server behind the scenes. Here are the results of forwarding a basic text e-mail:

    HTC Incredible Forwards: iPhone receives it with text in-line, Droid2 receives it as an eml attachment (unreadable), Outlook receives it as an e-mail attachment but can read it.

    Droid2 Forwards: Incredible, iPhone, and Outlook all receive it in-line - no attachment.

    iPhone Forwards: Incredible, Droid2, and Outlook all receive it in-line - no attachment.

    So it's clear that the HTC Incredible (and not the Moto Droid2) is forwarding it as an attachment. The iPhone and Outlook are able to handle the eml file. An Android phone cannot.

    Clearly this has nothing to do with the exchange server either.

    This is basic functionality - the ability to forward an e-mail. It's ridiculous.
  10. SpL3rG3

    SpL3rG3 Newbie

    ok guys, seems to be some disagreements here. for me, a .eml attachment is actually an Outlook form. if you are forwarding an email as an attachment, it is usually saved as a .msg file. An .msg file does require outlook to be opened as it is an outlook extension.
  11. lapo

    lapo Lurker

    .EML is so much specific to Outlook that's the default extensions used when saving email messages from the open-source and standards-savvy Mozilla ThunderBird email program too. =)

    Anyways extensions are not so important, MIME-type is; and "Content-Type: message/rfc822" is the correct type for email messages, and that's what used when forwarding as attach (which BTW is the best way to forward a full mail, as headers are kept intact).

    It's up to Android Mail to "decide" what extension should be used with that MIME-type, the (optional) filename of the attach itself is just a suggestion; and of course it should be able to just open the attach without having to save it on disk (and thus require an extension instead of a MIME-type, unfortunately).
  12. popovski

    popovski Newbie

    To open an .eml attachment, you need to use the free app K9 Mail.

    However there is still no way to open an .eml file stored outside of the email interface. I have 15,000 of those.

    .eml is the format of Outlook Express.
  13. petersteier

    petersteier Newbie

    You sound as if you were just spoiling your napkins in the nineties, not writing e-mails; Grown up people rely on mature, reliable technologies, and play with the fancy new stuff only in their free time.
  14. petersteier

    petersteier Newbie

    I think this is a errand; the .eml format is essentially the RFC2822 format, which is the one and only format which every single e-mail ever transported through the internet has used, unaltered stored into a plain text file. Just the extension .eml was maybe invented by Microsoft, but I think it was used by VAX/VMS before, was it?
    (WARING: This post may contain simplifications)
  15. uglyicons

    uglyicons Lurker


    You can open EML attachmnts from GMail or any other Android app by installing my free utility
    EML Reader FREE
    (you can find it in the market)

    It also parses the message letting you execute actions on addresses (add to contacts) and attachments (open, save, share). Inline images are also managed and shown.

    I'll really welcome criticisms, suggestions and feature requests.

  16. bateli

    bateli Newbie


    you can try Documento - office viewer , it's not free but it price low ( I think 1\2 euro)
    it's open Eml file & Msg and more.

    hope that i help you.

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