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Has anyone got these on their X? I've seen quite a few..Snesoid, Nesoid...Gbaboid....and theres one that apparently plays all, SNES NES etc.,

Either way, do they work okay?


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I've heard the only emulator that is a bit hit or miss is the PSX one, but than again, that was released a little over a week ago, so it'll have some bugs that will need to be ironed out before it's smooth like buttah ;)


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I have the GBA and SNES ones and they work great. If your planning on playing like mario or something, you might wanna reconsider because the touch screen stinks those fast reflex games.


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The NESoid, SNESoid, and Gensoid all work great. For these, it comes down to finding good ROMs. Agreed with the above that the touch screen is a pain in the ass. As soon as I change the batteries to my Wii controller, I am going to give the Wiimote app a try. Overall, I'd give these a 4.5 star rating.

I want to try the PSXoid as well to play Final Fantasy VII, but I'll wait for the sound bugs to be worked out.


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I would imagine this kills the battery life considerably, am I correct?
And as for using a Wiimote on a Droid X...Well. I guess its not such a bad idea if you're incredibly bored in a waiting room in a hospital or on break or something...

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I've bought every emulator Yonzh makes (except GBC) and have been impressed by all of them. Nesoid, Gameboid, and Gearoid are the most suited for the X because of the simplified control scheme those systems use. However if connect a Wii classic controller then threy all work great.
Now all we need is for someone to crack that damn hdmi port so the X can be a portable game system.....
I would imagine this kills the battery life considerably, am I correct?
About 5-6hrs of continues play, all things considered thats not too bad.
I have both Gameboid (GBA) and the PSX emulator. They work great experienced a little slowdown in the GBA one but usually it is silky smooth. The PSX one works great for certain games like FFVII but it is still having the kinks worked out of it. The on screen controls are alright for both of them, but paired up with a wiimote + classic controller pro it's awesome, especially if you have a dock for it. I would reconmend anyone to pick up both of them if they are gamers.

The GBA one also has a lot of remastered SNES games so it is basically two for 1.:D