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Encrypted Pics Lost

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gapi, May 1, 2012.

  1. gapi

    gapi Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Pics were being saved encrypted. I don't know how the encrypting setting got enabled but upon turning off encryption the pix are now missing? What happened to them. How can I get back to them?

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  2. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    Did you intend to post this in the DroidX forum (or should I move it to the gNex forum)? :D
    gapi likes this.
  3. gapi

    gapi Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yes, this is a Droid X question, thanks for checking on me. Do you know the answer?
  4. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    Have you tried mounting it to your computer and searching for images? (*.jpg)

    Nothing good comes from encrypting your phone. (You probably already knew that.) :D
  5. gapi

    gapi Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, Its a lady friends device and I don't want to take any chances until I consult. She encrypted it somehow or reason and decided to disable it. Then handed it to me.

    So before I tap on any setting I am asking around. I am hoping re-enabling it will reverse it.
  6. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    Good luck with that. Please update this post with your results.

    I would think searching for images before and after encrypting would be the same result, but we'll see. I'm guessing if you don't see them now, re-encrypting won't help, but prove me wrong. :D

    If pics on the camera/phone are that important, I don't understand why they don't get copied to the computer, online (picasa or whatever), AND a removable, fireproof, portable usb drive.

    Sdcards fail, computers fail, backup it up.
  7. gapi

    gapi Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I Will

    Well, its a lady friends device if you know what I mean and she is no techy. She most likely was looking at it like you protect the phone. Who knows, but she is worth the trouble to me eh! Where she lacks techno, she makes up in other ways,,,, :eek:
  8. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    I'm always asked if I can help with things like this, but they feed me. :D

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