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Encryption - Data wipe help

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by longtom, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. longtom

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    I come to you for help with a serious question. I have a Droid X2, rooted, with 2.3. Let's say that I carry sensitive information about myself and others on my phone. Let's also say that I don't want that information stolen or used by anyone else.

    I've checked out a lot of encryption apps and solutions, but none are clear that they encrypt my SMS messages, contacts list, or other information that could be used to determine my personal information and dealings with other individuals. I actually find that, as great as apps like Droid Crypt sound, they fail to address the same shortcomings that expose their vulnerabilities.

    Let's say that it's important to me to have either 128 bit encryption and/or a "panic button" that can zero fill (secure delete):

    Contacts list
    sms messages
    complete SD card contents

    An app that does this remotely would be a secondary choice for me, as the "perp" or "competitor" could remove the battery, preventing me from remotely triggering a data wipe.

    I'd prefer a "panic button" that's one or two clicks, or encryption of my personal information. I figure I can just restore a nandroid backup when I get back home.

    Can anyone suggest anything that would fill my needs? Any links or information would be appreciated.

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  2. longtom

    longtom Lurker
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