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Encryption unsuccessful on XT910 running JB 4.1.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by davimin, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. davimin

    davimin Lurker
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    Hi everyone

    I'm a noob but have rooted my RAZR xt910 when it was on Gingerbread.

    My Razr xt910 is now on Jelly Bean running 982.124.14XT910.Retail.en.AU.

    I've rooted my phone but now I've bricked it using CWM Touch using this thread:
    I got as far as step 6. "Click on "Backup and restore" and "backup" to create your backup android" then the phone rebooted and came up with the Encryption unsuccessful message.

    I've searched through a whole heap of threads and forums trying to get an answer but each thread talks about a different method. I thing I do know and that is not to try ICS fastboot files.

    The Batman Utility appears to be the answer but I am still unsure if it willl work and how to use it.

    Can anyone please help as I need my phone or am I screwed.


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